With this week being the next demo for the project a decent amount of time was spent ensuring that the scenes worked together as intended in the build version, as well as the experimenting with resolution of the images and text looked decent. After the demo time was also spent with the scripting for special abilities to be added to cards and the board, as well as the symbols that will represent these abilities in-game.

Day 1: The first day of the work week was spent cleaning some of the dependencies within the game scene, combining the player’s different characteristics (behavior, game state, etc.) into a single GameObject to better keep track of them. I also spent time moving the player’s playfields (hand, deck, discard, and play) into different configurations, trying to find an optimal layout.

Day 2: The day before the final build before the demo was about ensuring that the build would correctly display the correct resolution, information, and account loading. There had been some prior issue with how the game would save and load depending on if I was running the build version, or the Unity Editor version. On top of this the build version was having issues with showing large blue borders on the top and bottom of the screen even though the canvas, what the game actually displays onto the camera, was set to the correct aspect ratio. The solution ended up being a checkbox buried within the canvas settings to match screen settings. I probably spent more time searching for solutions than actually coding anything this day.

Day 3: The day after the demo I began the implementation of the effects that cards or environments will have; I believe that I will have between 7-10 card abilities and another 7 environmental modifiers. Below are a few of the card abilities and their respective symbols.

Battle Buddies: +3 power to Kushan Assault Frigates and Ion Cannon Frigates when played together, ie 1 Assault pairs to 1 Ion Cannon.

Hunting Pack: Doubles the power of all ships with the same name.

Reinforcements/Quick Deploy: Summons all Scout class fighters in a player’s deck onto the board.

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