The main focus for the previous week got a shifted from creating loot pools to seeing a complete re-imaging of the cards. I had originally planned on using the images seen previously as the cards seen in the management screen, but after getting outside input from other DCCG enthusiasts I determined that the cards needed to be completely re-done.

Days 1 – 3: I broke my work periods into shorter increments since I wanted to get feedback from some friends that played both traditional and digital card games. At first, there was little change to the overall card, same borders and art, but using a font that was easier to read.


Times New Roman

To the left was the starting template of the cards since beginning of the project. After the initial feedback from the class the cards saw a minor change in the font to Times New Roman, something that most of us a familiar with, shown to the right.

Redone Playable Card

After receiving comments that the images and the unit values were too small, and the text was not needed during play, I created a stop-gap. This version was deemed an “ok” but very basic card. I continued to experiment with the layout of the card, but decided that the assets I was using were not visually appealing. At this point I determined that my time would be better spent looking for assets that existed within Unity, than trying to hammer something out using GIMP.

Day 4: Thankfully I was able to source Unity compatible card template assets with the help of more graphically savvy friends.

Left: Card Back, Center: Playable Card, Right: Management Card

While placement of the unit power and scale of the ships’ images will continue to be tweaked over the course of the project, these test cards received much more positive feedback than the original set.

There was also work done on custom ability symbols. Using Paint 3D, I found open source images that I believe make close reference to the abilities that some of the cards will be able to use later in development.

Next Week: While next week is a holiday, work will continue. I will continue with the conversion of the few cards I did not get to this past week, as well as further testing of the cards while played.

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