This was a good week of progress, seeing both of my goals being reached by the end of the week.

Day 1: When I had said creating the second faction cards was going to be grunt work I did not expect it to take as long as it did. Looking back, the first set of cards went through many revisions, even after the update to the assets, but what I had thought would take me 1-2 hours ended up taking up almost 4. What I had not anticipated was that I needed to redo the power and symbol backgrounds for positive and negative ability interactions. On top of this, the newer card frames color scheme required me to do some more image manipulation to make the faction symbol more visible. Some of the new cards can be seen below.

Pre-Game Modifier Notification

Day 2: With the new faction out of the way I turned my focus onto completing the implementation of the environmental modifiers actively affecting the cards on the board. I decided on applying the modifiers to the cards when they are dealt to the hand when it is a power-oriented modifier. For the second style of modifier, type inhibitor, the modifier will be activated when a card is played onto the board.

Modifier Active

Day 3: The remainder of my work week was spent working on the card abilities. My issue with the card abilities was being able to activate them only when the card was played. When I determined this it mad me go back to my initial implementation, using flags on the board for when abilities are active, and rework it so that the Game Master script actively tracked the current player and the card that they played. Once the card was played, it would go through checks to determine which ability script would be called if it was needed. This worked for the abilities that buffed the current player’s cards, but when I started working on the abilities that de-buffed the opponent’s cards I had to add a tracker for the opponent as well. After spending a few hours working through the majority of the logic for each of the card abilities, I spent the rest of the day playtesting to catch errors in my logic, which there were plenty; Asteroids are supposed to kill capital class ships, not everything else!

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