Another week of implementation experimentation as well as a point of feedback that I received during the most recent demo. As the person coding the game, you can probably understand that when testing I am tracking whose turn it is just by understanding how the logic works, but the point of how other players are to know whose turn it is was raised. Looking back I could kick myself over having missed this, but that is what the demos are for, letting others point out the obvious.

Day 1: I began working on the modification to the game screen to allow for the display of the environmental modifier that would be randomly chosen at the beginning of the game. To do this I decided to change my initial approach, which was to have a card represent the modifier and have it displayed between the player and opponent’s life tokens. Instead, I went with having tokens similar to those that represent the abilities present on the cards.

The leftmost image is the current symbol for the blackhole modifier which will limit the power of capital cards to half their original power. The rightmost image is the symbol for supernova, this modifier will do decrement a point of power from strike craft for each turn they are played.

Beyond working on the symbols, I also created a framework for the different board images shown below. The plan is to have a unique modifier for each board, with the possibility of having minor modifiers that all board share.

Day 2: I continued working on the framework for the board selection, currently a board is randomly chosen when the game scene is loaded, and am still working on allowing the player to chose from their decks when they know what modifier they will be playing under. I also implemented the turn notification token, which displays text saying who can currently play. The opponent currently plays without a delay, which feels a bit rushed, as such a delay is planned to space out the moves.

The plan for the next week is to finish a few of the environmental modifiers, both graphics and code, as well as the deck selection at the beginning of the game.

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